Thursday, 5 December 2013


Tattoo design 
sketched by hand and then scanned and digitally coloured.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

New Blog

So- I thought I'd start a separate blog for my more personal work- illustrations and paintings etc that don't really fit with the themes of my *ahem* 'Professional Work'... So weirder stuff I guess, under the name Lora Em :)

Will top it up with older stuff, but here's my latest piece-

'the spaces we / you exist in are filled with . . . '

It's a friend's girlfriend, we met briefly at a festival but she just had an amazing, something-y personality and face (call it 'aura' ifyouwill). So I drew her, I think she likes it :)

...and the start of yet another of KK... I think I'm going to have to call it 'I just can't get enough of your face...' ...because I can't. Not 100% happy with it- technology allows me to photograph it and compare it exactly to the original...and though it's not toooooo far off, I always want to get his face perfect. 

Found a load of this paper in an abandoned factory complex I went exploring with some friends- I think  the circular one is for plotting sunrise and sunset as it has times all round the edge... I think it's great, got quite a few sheets. 

And the rectangular one is, I'm guessing, for measuring machinery vibrations, or maybe weather- anyway, I have a fairly long roll of it to do pictures on :) 

Here's another I did over a night after the factory visit :) 

And a couple of pics of the factories, which were amazing...